View-Board is a online marketing auditing platform that’s very different then anything else out there because View-Board provides you access to real time unbiased and unaltered marketing data from all of your marketing platforms directly to one screen without going through your marketing team or agency.

View-Board can also bed used on different platforms, so you can use your mobile devices as well as your computer at the home or office.

What Else Does View-Board Do?

View-Board knows how to integrate directly to all of your online campaigns, and gets you transparent unaltered data, since it’s directly from the source.

But that’s not all, View-Board also gives you the ability to control all of your marketing campaigns, using a manager friendly drag and drop calendar. You can now control your marketing campaigns yourself and schedule when campaigns should be launched or stopped. View-Board gives you the power to see the right data, and decide which campaigns work for you.

Simple Drag and Drop!

View-board will allow you to review all of your current and past marketing campaigns analytics in a simple, easy way, but you will also be able to control your marketing agency and team in the present and in the future. 


View-Board will help you in deciding which campaigns are working and which ones don’t based on real time information linked directly to all of your advertising platforms and analytics. Also View-Board can’t be altered by your marketing department or anyone, since it is directly tied into all of your online ad platforms.